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Snow Plow Blades Aftermarket Parts

Allied Heavy Equipment carries replacement or custom snow plow blades that will last longer. Our snow plow blades are heat treated, tungsten carbide inserted edges, carbide impregnation, plow shoes, nose pieces and curb runners. These high strength blades will bolt to any snow plow or motor grader. These blades are used by customers who require longer blade life.

For our Snow Plow blade measurement sheet, please see the Microsoft Word document that can be sent to


Why Choose Allied Heavy Equipment's Snow Plow Blades

  • Extended blade life for serious users.

  • Versatility: Fits most snow plow or motor grader.

  • Enhanced with tungsten carbide edges for durability.

Dive into the world of top-quality snow plow blades by Allied Heavy Equipment. Designed for maximum endurance.

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