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Hydraulic Maintenance & Repair

Our clients have operations that rely on reliable hydraulics. In addition to being hydraulic parts supply providers to your business, we can also provide repair to your existing hydraulics.  


Hydraulic repair and maintenance is a vital service we offer through our in-house mechanics and also as a partner with select companies in this field.

We can make sure you receive hydraulics repair and proactive maintenance in a cost effective and timely manner.


Our services provide the following:

Hydraulic Rebuilding

  • Analyze cylinder for cause of failure

  • Clearance dimensions checked

  • Sub-components modified to high standards

  • Disassembly of cylinder

  • All components cleaned and seals replaced

  • Polish or manufacture new rod

  • Rework or make new gland and piston

  • Hone barrel to new specs

  • Weld ports or barrel as needed

  • Reassemble and test

 Hydraulic Repair

  • Rebuild or remanufacture cylinders

  • Complete machine and welding shop

  • Manufacture rod eyes, pistons and barrels

  • Primary power units for testing only

  • Hydraulic torque and teardown bench

  • Pump/Motor repair

  • Valve repair

  • Large inventory of seals and raw material

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  • Allied Heavy Equipment Parts
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